New from United Kingdom

If this is your first visit to the ZS forums read the rules above then introduce yourself. It would also be cool if you let us know how you found us.

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New from United Kingdom

Post by Lloydy » Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:52 pm

Hello :D

I'm Trish, new to this website, as you can tell.

Just thought I'd say hello.

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Re: New from United Kingdom

Post by Big and Daft » Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:20 pm

Welcome Trish.
There are a few UKers on here, drop by Chapter 10, it's where most Brits hang around.

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Re: New from United Kingdom

Post by K9medic » Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:06 am

Hi Trish and welcome to the club, drop by chapter 10 for a chat its were the UK gang of reprobates hang out :lol: . Can I ask which bit of the country your playing in ?
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Re: New from United Kingdom

Post by Svothe » Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:23 am

Hey Trish, welcome to the forum :D

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Re: New from United Kingdom

Post by JoeJoeUK » Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:50 am

Glad to see there is another UK member joining the ranks. Welcome onboard! As many have said, check out Chapter 10 and once you subscribe, you can start posting and joining in the fun.

Hope you enjoy your stay, and any questions, this place is full of friendly posters.

Oh, and whereabouts in the UK? South East here :)

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Re: New from United Kingdom

Post by man in black » Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:30 pm

welcome to zombie squad from America, specifically Northwestern Pennsylvania.
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Re: New from United Kingdom

Post by MVegas » Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:34 pm

Lloydy wrote:Hello :D

I'm Trish, new to this website, as you can tell.

Just thought I'd say hello.
Welcome aboard from the sixth Colony! :wink:
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Re: New from United Kingdom

Post by 3Fingas » Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:46 pm

Howdy partner! Welcome to the wonderful and wacky world of the ZS forum. :)
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Re: New from United Kingdom

Post by Dawgboy » Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:00 am

Welcome from Sunny California!
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