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Post by SMBay » Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:32 am

Hey hey,

I've a few questions about posting here. I stumbled across raptors Katina thread a long while ago but only recently have been going through other threads. I used to be active on various forums a decade ago but it's been a while and things may have changed.

I'm a millennial who grew up in hurricane land, was educated in a place where blizzards happen in May, and have recently moved into a wildfire and earthquake prone area. I enjoy being prepared for the everyday and hopefully not every day incident but not dealing with all the accusations of prepper craziness. Thankfully the spouse is supportive and engaged!

My questions are -
What are the stars with percentages below some threads? It doesn't seem related to page length.

How is one "thanked" by other members. There's a counter in the avatar square.

How far back is reasonable to post on other threads? I'm no fan of grave digging but what about commenting on something from Jan 15? I know it depends on what information you might be adding but some forums frown on it more heavily than others.


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Post by majorhavoc » Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:14 am

First of all, welcome. Raptor's epic Katrina thread snares a number of passers by; it's as valuable for that as for the enduring wisdom contained within.

Sounds like your life thus far has been a survey tour of natural disaster zones. Well, you've come to the right place. "Prepping" is a loaded turn, burdened with shades of paranoia in some circles, sensible risk assessment in others. We don't judge here. Everyone does their own threat assessment and acts accordingly. If that means nothing more than a flashlight and battery powered radio, so be it.

I can't figure out the star system either. Pay closer attention to subject matter that interests you and don't get too hung up about how popular a thread is.

There's a "thumbs up" icon in the bottom right corner of every post, except for those in the Off Topic and Fiction sub forums. Click that to express your appreciation for a contribution that you find particularly useful/funny/resonant.

As far as Necro-ing older threads; if you have something topical, timely and relevant to add, I say a forum dedicated to dead rising from the grave is as good a place as any to resurrect a long dormant topic, no? :wink:

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