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Post by Shotzee » Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:48 pm

I remember joining this site when I was....17?

No guns. Nothing. Loved zombies. I started out with a mini BOB in a crappy tin.

Now. Im 30 years old. I joined the military (INT). Love my job. Also the CEO of a mid sized security company.

Shoot LOTS. Go about once a month. Own quite a few guns now. Shoot 3gun often.

Girlfriend and I both love back country camping and we're planning on building a home on a plot of land outside the city.

Glad to be back!!! Interesting how the forum has evolved. I'm now more concerned with long term financial survival vs the zombie Apocalypse, though I still have a stockpile of ammo, long term food storage medical supplies.
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Re: Back!

Post by Halfapint » Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:15 am

YAAAAAAS! Sounds like me but I was ineligible for military service. But yeah grew up in the out doors. Learned lots of stuff then got guns.... then got a GF/SO who support an what I do!

Welcome back! Look forward to hear from you!
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