Zombie Squad is made up of a network of chapters around the world. They are the outreaching tentacles of the Zombie Squad organization under the authority of ZS Board of Directors at ZS Head Quarters.

Below are a listing of our currently active chapters. If you interested in starting your own or if you want to find out if there are already members in your area in the process of starting a chapter email chapters@zombiehunters.org

United States:
  ZSC001 - St. Louis, MO
  ZSC002 - Pennsylvania
  ZSC004 - Northwest Arkansas
  ZSC005 - Washington
  ZSC006 - Southwest Virginia
  ZSC007 - Northern New York State -- INACTIVE
  ZSC008 - University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
  ZSC009 - Las Vegas, NV
  ZSC011 - Portland, OR
  ZSC012 - Colorado
  ZSC013 - West Texas
  ZSC014 - Gulf Coast Texas
  ZSC015 - San Francisco Bay Area
  ZSC016 - Metro Atlanta
  ZSC017 - Florida
  ZSC018 - Arizona
  ZSC019 - Northern Texas
  ZSC020 - Chicago, IL
  ZSC021 - Southern NJ/South Eastern PA
  ZSC022 - New England
  ZSC023 - Southern Michigan
  ZSC024 - Nashville, TN
  ZSC025 - Western Carolinas
  ZSC026 - Central North Carolina
  ZSC027 - South Central Alaska
  ZSC028 - Central Maryland
  ZSC029 - Northeast Ohio
  ZSC030 - Central Texas
  ZSC031 - Central Oklahoma
  ZSC032 - Southern Illinois
  ZSC033 - Louisville, Kentucky
  ZSC034 - Kansas City
  ZSC035 - Central Iowa
  ZSC036 - Northern Utah
  ZSC037 - Southern Maryland
  ZSC038 - South East North Carolina
  ZSC039 - Lexington, Kentucky
  ZSC040 - Greater New Orleans Area
  ZSC041 - Albuquerque
  ZSC042 - North Eastern Nebraska
  ZSC043 - Central Indiana
  ZSC044 - Greater Los Angeles Area
  ZSC045 - Central South Carolina
  ZSC046 - Southeast Virginia
  ZSC047 - Southwest Florida
  ZSC048 - Eastern Tennessee -- INACTIVE
  ZSC049 - Twin Ports MN/WI Area
  ZSC050 - Eastern Washington
  ZSC051 - Eastern Iowa -- INACTIVE
  ZSC052 - La Crosse, WI
  ZSC053 - Milwaukee, WI
  ZSC003 - Southern Ontario
Western Europe:
  ZSC010 - United Kingdom -- INACTIVE

By starting a new branch you're taking the duty of expanding those far-reaching arms of knowledge into communities which are unfortunate enough to not yet have their own chapter. Chapter members must be dedicated to community involvement and responsible for upholding the strict standards and integrity of the Zombie Squad mission.

The main requirements are:
* Members: Five active Zombie Squad members, three of whom will to act as the responsible coordinators or officers of the chapters. These will be the folks who sign the relevant paperwork, and who we at ZS-HQ will look upon as the official leaders of the chapter.
* Events: At least 4 charity events hosted a year (blood drive, food drive, clothing drive, local charity fund raiser).
* Regular meetings: Meetings at least every other month for the officers/members to plan events. Meetings at least once a month open to the public for recruiting and publicizing.

Naturally there will be paperwork. Everyone loves paperwork. We'll have an application for chapter status, a chapter agreement, an application for charity events, and the reports you'll file after each event and chapter meeting. It sounds like a lot, but we'll have them online and ready to fill out. Easy stuff.

Looking for people in your area to start a chapter? Want to see if anyone else in your area has already expressed interest? Check out this sub-forum.

If you're still interested or have any further questions, just let us know. chapters@zombiehunters.org Good luck!