Halloween Membership Discount Special

Did you know it costs money to be on the internet? Well it does. Especially when your site gets tons of traffic from folks who want to learn how to survive in a post apocalyptic wasteland.

You can help make sure we stay on the internet. We think the internet is better with us on it. It's like the internet is pretzel bun, and we're braunschweiger with spicy mustard. We're a great combo.

Basically, we need to make some money. We're waiting for some official paperwork to clear. We need to pay for hosting. We want to pay for someone to fill out legal forms. We need to buy bubblegum to through at people who come to events. You know, normal stuff.

But we're not asking for a handout. We don't want donations. There are at least three natural disaster relief efforts underway in the world at the moment. Send your donations there. Make that money do good stuff.

Instead, like any good corporation, we want to sell you stuff. Mainly, a discounted year of membership on top of your current membership, for just $10.

That means, for $10, if your membership expires in January '17, it'll now expire in January '18th.

You know how math works. You're a nerd like us.

Now, we can't do this forever, or it wouldn't be special. So we're ending the deal on November 30th. After that, this deal disappears faster than Michael Landon at the end of an episode of Highway to Heaven. Then you'll miss it like we miss Tupac.

That's a lot.

Buy it today!