June 21st - June 25th


Zombie Con is a once a year gathering of Zombie Squad members from around the world. This year we will be meeting in Irondale, MO for 5 days, starting June 21st.

The goal of this week long event is to bring people together to share disaster preparation/survival experience, discuss the direction and future of the Zombie Squad community or to just get away for a week and enjoy some bad movies withgood company under the stars.

Read about experiences from past Zombie Cons to prepare yourself.

Wednesday (6/21):

  • Set up camp
  • Meet and greet your fellow ZS members
  • Seminars, presentations and discussion panels
  • Watch some bad zombie movies

Thursday (6/22):

  • Morning PT
  • Field trip to a local shooting range (we supply targets, trap device and clay pigeons)
  • Come back to camp and enjoy "Manbath"
  • Watch more zombie movies

Friday (6/23):

  • Morning PT
  • Canoe trip
  • Camaraderie
  • Watch more zombie movies!

Saturday (6/24):

  • Morning PT
  • Seminars, presentations and discussion panels
  • Watch zombie movies

Sunday (6/25):

  • Moan about being sore
  • Clean up and go home

Some of the seminars and discussion panels on the schedule hosted by experts in on their topic included in past Zombie Cons:

  • Radio Communications (including an ARRL special event station)
  • Charity fund raising discussion panel
  • Gourmet Campfire Cooking
  • Self Defense Techniques
  • Primitive Fire Building
  • Intro to Ammunition Hand Reloading
  • Plant Identification Basics
  • Blade Sharpening
  • First Aid
  • Soap making
  • Astronomy - Night Navigation
  • A GeoCaching Course
  • Compass/Map Orienteering Course
  • Zombocalympics
  • and more...

There will also be survival themed games throughout the weekend and prizes to win so bring your brains with you.

None of the activities are required to attend so feel free to join us even if the trip to the shooting range or the morning Physical Training doesn't interest you. This is a nice sized property so there is plenty of room for hiking, swimming, fishing and testing out all that survival gear you've been talking about on the Internet.

We will also have an electric generator available if you need to charge batteries or run any other small electrical equipment for a short time. This is how we'll be watching movies with a theater we will be building in the woods, in case you were wondering.

Where will it be held?
The gathering will be located on private land in Irondale, MO (about 1.5 hours southwest of St. Louis). A map and detailed directions to the location will be provided. Since this is private land we don't want to advertise it all over the Internet so it will be provided upon registrations. Please email us at camp@zombiehunters.org if you have any questions.

If you will need transportation from St. Louis or from the airport/bus station please contact us ahead of time and arrangements can be made.

How do I sign up?


What will you need to bring?

After you register, we will also be sending you a list of recommended supplies to bring with you. Keep in mind thatyou will be out doors for 5 days and the weather in the midwest is rather unpredictable. It could be very cold and rainy or very hot and dry. We usually experience a little of both. We also have no shortage of ticks, scorpions, lizards, robots and snakes. OK... maybe I lied about the robots but I wasn't kidding about the scorpions.

We also recommend that you read about experiences from past Zombie Cons to prepare yourself.

We will be supplying all the water for the weekend and we will have MREs and other supplies available for purchase for the cheap. You'll need to bring food in addition to a portable shelter, and pretty much anything else you would normally bring camping for four days. This is a great chance to test out your Bug Out gear.

If you need food, a tent, sleeping bag or any other supplies but you will not be able to bring them due to your travel arrangements let us know (as far ahead of time as you can) and we can work something out with you. We have some extra supplies to borrow but they are first come first serve basis.

Other details to note:

Firearms - We will be having a field trip to a local shooting range but if you plan to bring any firearms they must be locked up at ALL TIMES while on the property. You can lock them in your car or there is a cabin on the property. The shooting range will have a pistol/rifle range with 25 and 50 yards, a rifle range at 100 yards and a trap shooting range. Zombie Squad will be supplying the clays for the trap but you'll need to bring your own ammo.

Alcohol - The legal drinking age will be observed. If you drink, we ask that you drink responsibly. After 5days in the woods we'll be pretty tired so don't force us to haul your body back to civilization. Don't be a dumbass.

Drugs - For liability reasons, we will not be able to supply any form of medication, including anything as minor as aspirin, so be sure to bring your own.

Glass Bottles - Please do NOT bring glass bottles to the camp site. We do not want to risk broken glass on the trails or in the creek. Cans and plastic bottles are fine. Put your fancy single malt scotch in a flask or something. Be kind to the property.

Again, if you need any more specific information about the event before you register please contact us at: camp@zombiehunters.org