Choose your own adventure stories, wacky game shows, and tongue in cheek PSAs, all this and more at a Zombie Squad seminar. We can all admit that disaster preparedness can be a little dry and boring. Nobody wants to spend an evening reading the instruction manual for a 1968 army model water filter and cataloging their legume supplies.

Zombie Squad understands this and has made it their goal to bring fun and informative education to the masses.

These seminars come in many shapes and sizes. You might see a talk on how to build a bug out bag, hosted by local chapter members and featuring visual aids for supplies that you might need. Or you might find yourself in a zombie identification class complete with real walking corpses for you to study. Sometimes we will just throw some of our members up in front of a crowd and answer questions from the audience. Any of these can provide you with helpful information while you laugh along with our admittedly juvenile sense of humor.

The types of seminar that Zombie Squad is best known for though are the shows we do at SciFi/Comic/Horror conventions around the country. These high octane extravaganzas are the carrot to the disaster prep stick. You never know what you will find when you walk into one of these shows. Maybe you will be pulled on stage to compete in a game of The Price of Survival. Maybe you will laugh at the adventure of The Waste Wanderer or reader mail from the Mailbag of Doom. You might puzzle at why there is a guy in a gorilla suit running around the background of our PSA videos but at the same time won’t care because they are just that funny. Candy will definitely get thrown at your head and you might learn something in the process. So come on out and see a Zombie Squad seminar, full of bad jokes, silly costumes, and information that might save your life.