Plan to live longer. It'll make your enemies angry.

Once again, National Preparedness Month is upon us. This brainchild of Ready.Gov is a great annual reminder for all of us to consider our level of readiness to respond to disasters that may affect our area.

We live in a world of uncertainty, and the risks we're exposed to vary by region. Whether it's an earthquake, a tornado, a firenado, civil unrest, or a chemical spill from a nearby government testing facility, it's up to you to make sure that you're prepared to react when the worst happens.

Have you looked in that emergency pack you made since you first watched the Zombie Squad PSA telling you about bugout bags, eleven years ago? You should. Technology has come a long way and protein bars taste better now. Who knows how much better and lighter that pack could be? Also, your pack might be perfect for a snow based emergency, but what if your hometown has become a desert recently? You'll need totally different supplies.

Have you and your kids sat down to discuss any new threats to your safety since the new "water purification" plant opened in your town? Maybe now is a good time to review how much clean water is kept in the house?

Is your rally point in case of a home fire or other emergency still viable? It's possible someone built a Walgreen's on top of it. That's a terrible place to go in a time of crisis. It's probably time to pick a new place.

This month is a great time to start asking key questions about all of your plans.

Remember, make a plan. Evaluate it regularly. Change as needed.

Then forget all about them and go into a blind panic when disaster actually strikes.

For more about National Preparedness Month, check out their site. Also, find a lot of great information in the ZS Forums.

Zombie Squad's brochure on building a bug out bag is always nice to have on hand.