Warm Weather Tips To Keep You Happy

Summer is upon us, and with it comes all of the various ways nature tries to kill us with that giant ball of fire in the sky. Make your summer a long and happy one.

First of all, we at ZSHQ realize that this list is very reflective of the Warmth Privilege we enjoy here in the midwest. If you live in an ice desert that never experiences a degree above zero degrees Celsius, we apologize. Maybe you could read Dune, or watch a Mad Max movie. Those things have real deserts in them. They might warm you up on the inside. For the rest of us, let's think about safety for a moment.

1. If you hydrate, you won't have to rehydrate - Drinking water is one of the first things people forget to do when they're out in the summer heat. It's summer time! We're busy easy hot dogs (full of nitrates - which dehydrate you), drinking beer (full of alcohol - which dehydrates you), and playing badminton (working the racket - which dehydrates you). Our bodies are constantly losing water, and once you're dangerously dehydrated, getting back to a state of normal liquid infusion can sometimes be difficult. So, drink some damn water.

2. That ball of fire in the sky? That's radioactive. - Kurt Vonnegut never told you to wear sunscreen, but he should have. Most people remember to cake on the sunblock when they go to the beach or the pool, but many forget to put it on for day to day activities. Not all clothes block out the sun's rays either. Really, we're basically walking around like cookie dough in an easy bake oven. Except, instead of chocolaty goodness, we get filled with cancer. So find a sunscreen that works for you and put it on.

3. It's not just the humidity, it's the heat. - When the temperature gets super high, don't try and prove you're a bad ass by going for a 20 mile jog. It's a lot easier to cook your brain than you think it is. Sit in the shade. Read a book. Drink some lemonade. Go jogging in the morning or the evening like a normal person. Hell, don't you own a Playstation? Just do some virtual jogging.

This is just a partial list meant to make people go "Well this is ridiculously simplistic and is missing a ton of information!" You can find detailed advice in the ZS Forums, or check out the CDC's guide to protecting yourself from the heat. It was created with your tax dollars (if you're in the US), put some of them tax dollars in your brain!