Art Imitates Life as Zombie Squad Takes to Theaters

On Friday October 10, 2014, Dead Snow: Red vs Dead will be showing at theaters across the United States and Canada.

The world's original zombocalypse preparedness group, Zombie Squad, will be featured helping the hero, Martin, save the world from the wrath of an army of Nazi zombies.

Picking up immediately after the events of the cult classic, Dead Snow, Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead has the humor, the gore, the adventure, and the excitement that fans expect from this burgeoning franchise. But you know that. Why are we telling you that? All you really need to know is that the film features a fictionalized version of Zombie Squad and it is awesome.

In honor of our on screen debut, Zombie Squad is working with the film's distributor, Well Go USA Entertainment, to have ZS represented with events in many of the premiers. So, put on your Zombie Squad t-shirt, clip on your Zombie Squad ID badge, get your crew together, and see this movie.

For a list of showings, follow the link