Proper boot care is good for the sole.

"A good pair of boots can, barring destruction via some unusual event, last longer than you will, and it's really very easy to do your part to make that happen - very simple things, like shoe polish and mink oil.

Now, part of the problem is that a "good" pair of boots might not be. A lot of high speed ultra high tech boots are built more like tennis shoes than boots. I will call them "tennis boots". They feel better side-by-side to a solid pair of "real" boots in the store since the "real" boots aren't broken in, and the tennis boots aren't nearly as tough or durable. Look for solid leather uppers, thick metal grommets for the laces, quadruple stitching, and multiple layers in high-wear areas. If you can find them, a great boot is the Timberland "Pro Series". I've got a pair older than most peoples' cars and they take me anywhere I need to go..." - qwertyuiop

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