Supporting Seva Foundation

Zombie Squad is currently raising money for Seva Foundation to support their relief efforts in Nepal.


Amount raised: $3,272.75 from 84 donors. Thank you!

On Saturday, April 25, 2015, an 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, with a major aftershock hitting the country the very next day. Current estimates place the death toll over 6,000. Another 10,000 were injured while the United Nations estimates that 8 million people have been affected and 600,000 houses have been destroyed or damaged. Millions have been left homeless and without basic necessities.

Tragedy. Disaster. Catastrophe. These words don't come close to conveying the emotional scope of the images that fill our television and computer screens. However, even during a disaster as bad as this, there are organizations on the ground helping to ease the suffering of the Nepalese people.

As we've done in the past, Zombie Squad is calling on our membership to step in and support those in the field working on recovery. To help, we're running a fundraiser from April, 28th thru May 28th. All funds donated will go to relief efforts. Zombie Squad will cover any PayPal Fees or administrative costs from our general fund/merch sales. The funds raised will go to directly to Seva Foundation, a charity who's mission is focused on bringing eye care to the world's most vunerable. Seva's extensive network of clinics and partner hospitals are located throughout Nepal, including near the epicenter, so their staff are assisting in providing emergency assistance. The organization has an 96.49% rating on Charity Navigator.

As a thank you for your support, we've included the following incentives:

1) The first 100 people who donate $25 or more get a limited edition Nepal 2015 Earthquake Relief Drive dog tag to show how awesome they are.

2) Members of our forums will get a special drive-related banner badge to add to your account, further demonstrating your awesomeness.

3) Zombie Squad and Seva Foundation are both 501c3 non-profit charitable organizations so your donation to this drive may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax adviser regarding charitable donations.

** New incentives added!***
We're really happy with the response to our fund drive for Nepal. We want to kick things up a notch by releasing new incentives for donating.
Every few days, we'll announce a different award. Previous donations will apply towards award levels, and you qualify for every award below the level you donated as well . You won't miss out on anything. So donate early and often.

4) Free admission to Zombie Con, our annual campout and retreat in rural Missouri. Donate $75 and after the drive ends, we'll sign you up for the greatest weekend excursion you'll every take. There's a write up on our website at

5) All donors who give $20 or more will have their name mentioned in a surprise thank you video that the great grandson of Zombie Squad’s secret founder, Lord Archibald Reginald Zombiesquadington III. will record upon completion of this drive. This is a special treat since no one from the Zombiesquadington family has been seen or heard from since they retired into a secret bunker in an undisclosed location in 1912.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of history.

6) For achieving the $200 level, you get a limited edition Zombie Squad Presents: The Waste Wanderer and the Island of the Damned comic book! The print version of the live action audio comic book drama we've been performing for the last year and a half could be yours.

P.S. - For this fundraiser, we will accept checks/money orders as donations. Please clearly write "NEPAL EARTHQUAKE RELIEF" in the memo field and make payable to/mail to:

Zombie Squad
P.O. Box 63124
St. Louis, MO 63163-3124

Please note that we can not accept checks for ZS merchandise/memberships. DO NOT SEND CASH. The USPS says not to do that.

As always, even if you choose not to donate to this drive, we encourage you to research the many organizations helping in Nepal and support however you can. Please always be sure to investigate before you give.


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