Real-world application of preparedness plans

Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri show us how chaotic life can quickly become. No matter where you live, civil unrest or increased police activity can disrupt the lives of everyday citizens. One of the great things about our country is that we have the freedom to assemble and the ability to make our voices heard, but large groups of people (whether in uniforms and riot gear, or in street clothes carrying signs) are unpredictable. Getting to the grocery store, getting to school, getting to and from work, and safely running other everyday errands can be impossible.

Zombie Squad’s message of disaster preparedness doesn’t just apply to tornadoes, earthquakes, or a zombie apocalypse. The information we distribute in presentations and through our website also apply to situations like what we see on television and presented via social media. Having a cache of supplies on hand to make sure you have food, water, and other necessities, when you can’t safely venture into the world, and an emergency kit ready in case you need to abandon your home for calmer surroundings, are prudent ideas for residents of any city.

It’s our hope that all parties involved in the current unrest will soon open the lines of communication, and violence and destruction will give way to calm discussion; people in the affected areas will soon be able to go about their lives. People who feel they need to be heard will be able to do so in peace; people who seek only to profit from theft or vandalism, or simply wish to cause more chaos, will be shut out of these events; and that police will focus on their role to protect the people in a way that does more good than harm, without limiting constitutionally protected rights.

Stay safe.