• Official Zombie Squad Shirt

    An image from Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead that shows how bad ass you'll look in this shirt.
    Classic Black T-Shirt (As Seen in Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead)

    Want to be transformed into a bad ass zombie extermination specialist who could be dropped into the plot of Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead and never bat an eyelash in the face of impending doom? Buy this shirt.

  • Las Vegas Chapter - ZSC:009

    Las Vegas Zombie Squad Chapter
    ZSC009 in Las Vegas is one of our more active chapters and has been in operation since February 2009.
  • Getting the Most from Your Boots

    Proper boot care is good for the sole.
    "I've noticed many threads about picking out the right pair of boots, and none about what to do with them once you've got them. I've also noticed that a lot of people in general buy a nice pair of boots, take them out of the box, and then wear them until they fall apart a few years later and then buy another pair of nice boots. This is wrong." - Forum Member "qwertyuiop"
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