Most gun owners in WA now criminals.

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Most gun owners in WA now criminals.

Post by arentol » Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:20 am

This morning I committed a gross misdemeanor by leaving my home.
This afternoon my mother-in-law committed a gross misdemeanor by allowing my daughter to go upstairs on her own.
This afternoon my daughter committed a gross misdemeanor by allowing my wife to take a nap in our bed.
This evening my wife committed a gross misdemeanor by allowing me to go to my bedroom without her.

Why are we all criminals?

Because Bloomberg and his cronies hoodwinked the citizens of the State of Washington into making it technically illegal to leave your home with a gun and any other people in it.

Initiative 594 was passed this last election cycle. It is a ridiculously poorly worded piece of crap sold on the concept of keeping guns out of criminals hands by "Closing the gun show loophole" (which the DoJ says is how less than 1% of guns used in gun crimes are acquired). But the reality is that, aside from some really limited situations, it makes it illegal to transfer a firearm for even 1 second to the possession of another person. So if I have a gun in my jacket and you pick it up to return it to me I am a criminal. When you hand it to me, you are one too. Also, due to how constructive possession laws have been used in drug cases, even a gun locked in a safe in your own home (as I have in my bedroom) technically counts as a transfer to the nearest person to the safe at any given moment.

Other issues....

You are riding your bike with a small gun in your camelbak just in case. You are hit by a car and an ambulance comes to take you to the hospital. The EMT takes your camelbak off you and sets it in the ambulance, you are now a criminal. The EMT hands the camelbak to a nurse in the emergency room, the EMT is now a criminal. The nurse hands the camelbak to your wife when she shows up, the nurse is now a criminal. Your wife returns the camelbak to you in the car when you go home. Your wife is now a criminal.

You fly to WA with a gun in your checked baggage. The guy who takes the bag off the plane and hands it to the luggage attendant is a criminal. The luggage attendant that hands it to you is a criminal. The airline and airport have arguable also committed the crime. When you leave and hand your checked bag to another attendant, you are criminal.

Your local FFL orders some guns from Ruger. They are delivered by UPS. The long-haul UPS driver is a criminal when the truck is unloaded in WA state. Who knows what happens inside the sorting facility, but some more people are now criminals. The only person that isn't a criminal at UPS is the local delivery drivers since he drops the guns off at an FFL.

There are a host of other problems, the best explanation of all the issues I have found is here:

So just be warned if you live in WA and own a gun.... Chances are you too are now a criminal.

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Re: Most gun owners in WA now criminals.

Post by CQZ Jinxmedic » Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:43 am

What I think the biggest problem with the law is, is that it takes normally law-abiding people to the point where they just plain refuse to comply with it- which has the insidious effect of causing a disrespect of all laws...

I tried very hard to follow this law. I made it until late December, when on the range I shot a friends .45 before I realized what I had just done... ...instant criminal. :shock:

Thanks, Bloomberg! :evil:
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Re: Most gun owners in WA now criminals.

Post by ineffableone » Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:07 pm

Not to tell folks to be lax and not make their voices heard. But this will likely be overturned. The government itself seems to not like the law and understands it is vague and impossible to enforce. ... w-gun-law/
The state Attorney General has punted to local law enforcement, releasing an official statement that reads in part:

“…Therefore, at this point we have no interpretations of the initiative to offer to the public beyond the text of the measure itself. Local law enforcement and local prosecutors typically enforce and prosecute firearms laws.”


Meanwhile, the Department Of Licensing issued a statement of their own:

“Please contact your local law enforcement agency if you have questions about firearms licensure requirements, clarification of definitions, violations of the law or need additional information regarding exemptions…. Again, the Firearms Program staff cannot provide legal advice or help the public or licensed firearm dealers interpret the firearms statutes found in RCW 9.41 or I-594“


The Washington State Police want nothing to do with enforcement of the state law, either, as they didn’t arrest anyone who participated in the “I Will Not Comply” rally that took place on December 13th, where 1,000-2,000 stood outside of the capitol building in Olympia, transferring and selling guns back and forth in an open defiance of I 594.


Lewis County prosecutor and sheriff have released statements saying they will not enforce it.
Hopefully we can get this BS sorted out and removed from law soon. I don't think there will be much resistance from Government or LEO on getting this one off the books.
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Re: Most gun owners in WA now criminals.

Post by DrGonzo » Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:31 am

Locking down due to politics. Sorry, them's the rules.
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