The Spy

Zombie and/or other Post-Apocalyptic related movies for us to study and know what not to do.

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The Spy

Post by Stercutus » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:15 am

If you told me last month I would be praising the drama/ action acting and producing skill of Sasha Barron Cohen I would have laughed hysterically at the idea. While I have enjoyed his comedic humor at times (Ali G was just plain funny) I have not thought much of his other talents.

The Spy tells the amazing story of Israeli agent Eli Cohen, arguably one of Israeli's most successful known spies with SBC in the lead role. As it is real life and not Jason Bourne, it starts off slow and builds through the series to it's ultimate and inevitable conclusion. The series does a great job building tension throughout. Knowing that it is true makes the work that much more amazing, and SBC pulls it off without a hitch.

The production is very high quality. I think about episode four I remarked that while I didn't know how much money they spent on wardrobe it was a lot. I counted no less than 25 different suits that SBC sported and the rest of the cast was properly dressed as well. There are a few anachronisms present but for the most part they paid a lot of attention to getting period vehicles, uniforms and equipment. There were a few moments of odd out of focus shots where I was unsure if they were trying to make a statement or just over using green screen.

Rounding out the cast are several excellent fellow actors of Jewish descent including Noah Emmerich (Truman Show, The Amerikans), Moni Moshonovo, Alona Tal and a few others. Just about everyone performs well.

On Netflix and totally worth a binge watch.
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