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A place to discuss special considerations involved prepping and reacting to a disaster with children, pets and other family concerns.

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Just getting started? Look here!

Post by Chantrea » Sun Aug 08, 2010 3:27 pm

While new discussions are welcomed, sometimes it’s helpful to look at what other people have discussed/put together in the past. This collection of links to other posts on ZS are a good place to start and might give you some ideas for your own preps.

If you have ideas for what should be included in this list (especially threads with a lot of practical info or picture heavy—love those!) please PM me, this post will be updated over time as I go through things and add them, and threads are moved into the forum.

BOBs and kits for the whole family:
Layering bags and kits when you have a family
On 3 year olds and forced marches
The Dani Monster family Bug Out Bags w/pix!!!

Pet Care during a crisis/in the PAW:

Elder Care during a crisis/in the PAW:

Special Safety Concerns:

Women’s Health in the PAW (some discussion of pregnancy/childbirth)


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