What is the purpose of the Family Prep forum?

A place to discuss special considerations involved prepping and reacting to a disaster with children, pets and other family concerns.

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What is the purpose of the Family Prep forum?

Post by Chantrea » Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:08 pm

This forum is intended for the discussion of the special needs and compassion required to properly care for all members of one’s household or family, even those that cannot care for themselves or that need assistance to do so. Planning and reacting to an emergency or disaster when you are responsible for children, elderly, pets, or disabled adults takes additional effort and often must be reassessed on a regular basis. This forum is intended to discuss and better plan in regards to these concerns. It's also an appropriate place to discuss lessons learned and general thoughts regarding families in an emergency.

It is not an appropriate place to debate or berate people who choose to prepare for their caretaking responsibilities—if you want to talk about the merits of dumping grandpa or a developmentally disabled sibling because they’re an extra mouth to feed and “can’t contribute”, please do so in WWYD or a more appropriate forum. It is assumed here that you are willing to care for people and/or pets in your immediate household regardless of their ability to directly contribute to stereotypical survival tasks, and that while it may be an additional burden, it’s an investment or obligation that is important to you to take on.

It can be fun to think about bugging out with a tactical team of army buddies, but in the real world very few of us have that option. Planning ahead to address the special needs of all the members of your household or family for whom you are responsible can greatly improve your chance of thriving when faced with adversity, with a better chance of having those most important to you still at your side.


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